Thursday, January 2, 2014

Do We Really Think It’s Okay for Bill Gates to be Worth 78.5 Billion Dollars?

The numbers have been released and Bill Gates has re-captured the title as the Richest Man Alive. His value grew by 15.8 billion dollars this year to a grand total of…78.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Holy shit.
Bill Gates is now worth 78.5 billion dollars.

In many ways, politics and economics are the exact same as the sports world. They have people that can get away with anything, I mean anything (blow jobs, crack pipes, fraud, theft, rape, lies, etc.), and no one really gives a shit or does anything about it. All of those worlds essentially rely on chance because there are never any clear cut solutions or accurate predictions (when we’re too certain about something, we’re left with a failed stock investment or a Buster Douglas beating Tyson, leaving everyone involved digging in their ass wondering what the hell happened). Most importantly though, all of these worlds have competitors that are willing to die and/or dedicate their entire lives to winning.

In today’s world, Bill Gates is the biggest winner. He’s dedicated his entire life to technology and to building Microsoft. He’s dedicated his entire life to getting money. Now, he’s swimming in it. A lot of Americans will say that this is a good thing. A bunch of money in his hand is much more productive than in some crack head’s hands. I mean…at least Bill Gates might develop something that will change the world and make our lives a little better. I agree; that’s a great prospect.

But, this guy is now worth 78.5 BILLION DOLLARS. Are you fucking kidding me? And…And, he made 15.8 billion dollars last year? In ten years, he’s going to be worth 100 billion dollars. Who the hell needs that much money? When has the American dream been reached? When is it no longer the American dream anymore? Just some guy becoming filthy rich and becoming more powerful than the country itself (currently, he might not be bigger than the United States, but he’s worth more than SOME countries). And, that increasing flow of money isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Bill Gates deserves everything that he has, but that money is going to be around a lot longer than he is. His kids and his grand kids and his great grand kids and so on and so on will be just as rich, if not more. And, do we know that they are going to be as philanthropic? Or as hungry and innovative? Probably not. They’re just going to have too much money. Anybody that says 100 billion (or who knows, it could end up growing to 500 billion or 1 trillion dollars before it’s all said and done) isn’t too much is just being a prick. Nobody needs all of that. My point is: when is too much, too much? And when is it not good for our country anymore?


  1. I like the Buster Douglas analogy.. Talk about a shocker.

  2. It's got to be in the top 3 sports shockers of all-time

  3. I would hope that Bill Gates has the foresight to consider where that kind of money should go. He had invested in so many philanthropic organizations, his own being such a huge asset, that it would be strange if he didn't allocate a major portion of his funds to his non profits and his company; also, I doubt he would even hand Microsoft over to his children when there is so many people that have built that company. The thing that seems to differentiate Bill Gates from other filthy rich men is that he seems to have a strong moral compass. Steve Jobs was a reckless, thieving twat, and Allen Greenspan is a heartless asshole that refused to give his kids a leg up at all. But 78 billion is a lot of $, and that's quite a leap from the year before.