Friday, January 17, 2014

Kristen Is the Toughest, Hottest, Funniest Girl of All-Time

Langston is going to have his Mom's fighter spirit.
Me and my wife talk about everything, but a lot of the time our conversation circles around one thing: trying to figure out what the hell other people are thinking. Everywhere we go, everything we listen to, we always come across some nutcase that is completely unaware of manners or the vibes he/she are putting off.  I think that I’ve become more aware of this since I’ve been with my wife because the lunatics are always flocking to her, falling in love with her, or stalking her from a bush. I’m always asking my wife if I can kick their ass, but she always tells me to let it go; it doesn’t matter (she is much better at dealing with this; I guess a woman has to be).

Anyway, a couple of days ago, we were talking about all of the crazy things that other pregnant women do. The small minority of women that use their pregnancy to get, get, get, and the pregnant women that put their baby at risk by smoking cigs and drinking and taking pills. We were shocked how common this actually is!! And, we were shocked at how nonchalant people can be about it (one person even asked my wife if she would like something to drink: beer? Glass of wine?).

At home, there is nothing better than Kristen's smile
But, this isn’t the case around our house. Kristen cares way too much about Langston to put him in any kind of harm. She watches what she eats, and she does everything a great Mom is supposed to do. On top of that, she keeps such a great outlook about everything by smiling and joking and laughing and wanting to be active. Even when she’s a little sad, there is a smile that is ready to crack through at any moment. She amazes me every day with how tough she is (I’m really humbled and motivated by the fact that she insists on working and teaching during her pregnancy). It’s undeniable that she cares about her family and her son more than anything. She is already the best Mom in the world, and we all know that Langston is going to love her more than anyone can imagine, just like his Dad does.   

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  1. awww, well, it definitely helps that I have a man that works hard, is upbeat and always, always makes me laugh. xo